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Christin was raised in New Mexico.  After graduating from Albuquerque Academy, she went to Washington, D.C. and Georgetown University.  She spent a semester abroad, in Santiago, Chile, allowing her to become fluent in Spanish. In 1997, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the School of Foreign Service.  In 1999, she returned to New Mexico and the University of New Mexico, School of Law, and has focused on representing clients with criminal cases ever since.


Legal Career


In 2003, Christin started in the misdemeanor division of the New Mexico Public Defender's Office and spent a year representing clients in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court.  She then moved to the felony division and spent two years representing clients in felony cases in the Second Judicial District Court in Albuquerque.  In June 2006, Christin went into private practice, focusing primarily on representing clients in criminal cases, which she has done to date.  In private practice, Christin has successfully represented clients all over New Mexico in all levels of criminal cases--from misdemeanor driving under the influence and domestic violence to federal trafficking and habeas cases.

Criminal Law Focus


Since 2003, Christin has focused on representing clients with criminal cases, from indictment (Grand Jury or Preliminary Examination) to post-conviction (appeals and habeas).



By focusing on criminal law, specifically, Christin was able to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to guide her clients through all types of criminal cases, from driving while intoxicated and domestic violence (misdemeanors) to first degree felony cases.  Whether your case is in Metropolitan or Magistrate Court or the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico (or any other federal court) or the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Christin has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you to the best outcome for you, in this ever so important and serious time of your life.

Christin understands how a criminal case can affect your life now, and forever, and helps guide you to the outcome that is best for you under the circumstances.



If you are looking for an attorney who treats you as an individual and focuses on how criminal charges affect every aspect of your life, including your family and career, and if you are looking for an attorney who knows your constitutitonal rights and will not only explain what your rights are, she also insists that the government (local and state police officers, federal agents, state prosecutors, federal prosecutors) not violate those rights.



Whereas what happens in a criminal case is ultimately up to the judge or the jury, Christin helps you navigate the process, outlines your defenses, explains your options, and, by applying criminal law and procedure to the facts of your case, helps you make the decision for you.  She has experience in every kind of criminal case, and will represent you from beginning (first appearance or arraignment) to end (post-conviction).  As of January 1, 2020, she can also assist in erasing a lot of types of criminal convictions.  With Christin by your side, you will feel confident in a complex process and you will be assured your voice and your version of events will be heard and defended

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